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Your Hollywood ?top 100? List

You can?t possibly thank them all, but there?s an after-party and they will all be there. You?ll embrace each one, thank them personally. Without them, this special night would never have happened. Who are they ? Your TOP 100 is a list of those very people who will play a seminal role in your success in the future. Your future begins as soon as you make them a part of your present.

In any other industry, your ?Top 100 List? (aka your ?Dream 100 List?) might be called your ?best buyer? or ?best ally? strategy. You want to be clear on your criteria for putting someone on your TOP 100 list, because these are the people you will focus on and succeed in making a part of your professional circle and conversation.

There?s a precise system for researching and identifying, then segregating into your ?A? list and your ?B? list, those who belong on the Top 100 list for you and your project, but I?ll leave that for another discussion.

Your list will grow to include a smart and diverse mix of talents to suit your long-term goals. If you?re a screenwriter or filmmaker, for example, your Top 100 would strategically list a cross-section of agents, producers, managers, studio executives, casting directors, sales agents, creative executives at independent companies, financing connections, line producer (to prep your film?s budget), and so on. Logic dictates you?ll not have an equal number from each category on your list, focusing on greater numbers of producers than sales agents, and more agents than casting directors, and so on.

Once you?ve decided to add a name to your Top 100 list, research or google them for articles, press releases, life details such as where they went to school, clients they represent, past jobs or projects or companies, as well as people with whom they?ve been associated. Keep track of whatever information you unearth by entering that as well into your database. Every time you make contact, even if a simple phone call to get the correct spelling of their name, is yet a further opportunity to learn more about this person.

Fundamentally, this is a campaign to win the attention of and rapport with people you deem truly relevant or important. It?s not about one phone call or one letter. In fact, consider a letter simply a means by which you soften them up to your next call. Life is a process, not an event, so be consistent and, when you do break through the clutter, treat them like they are special, because they are.

Be prepared. It will require pig-headed determination and discipline over time ? moreso for some connections to be made than for others. Refuse to give up after a first or even a second rejection. That?s merely your cue to become more determined, albeit never wavering from a thoughtful, professional and charming demeanor.

How important could your project or conversation be if you were to give up after one or two rejections ? I?ve hired people in the past simply because they were relentless and wouldn?t go away. Everyone respects persistence in the face of resistance. Only those who behave inappropriately ever become labelled a ?stalker?. So be consistently persistent, and just avoid any approach or behavior that could be perceived as crossing the line into stalker-dom.