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Refurbished Fitness Equipment: Reebok Fusion Cross Trainer Revie

If you are a loyal fitness buff, then you will always have that desire to keep your physique fit and trim---and what better solution than developing a home gym. We all recognize that membership in a gym or fitness club can be quite expensive. If you are on a tight budget and are looking for affordable fitness equipment for your home, a cross trainer is always a smart choice. Let me introduce you to a remarkable piece of equipment that can help you reach your fitness goals: The Reebok Fusion Cross Trainer. And if you are interested in refurbished fitness equipment, you can find this convenient cross trainer in particular locations around the UK.

Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

Has 8 motorized tension control levels

Features a large, sharp, battery powered display which is very concise and not overly cluttered with information

Has quiet, somewhat smooth operation

Very compact for easy storage

Has an electronic magnetic resistance system

Equipped with built in wheels for simpler transporting and repositioning


About A�399.00 (Regular Retail Price) About A�169.00 (Refurbished Price)

Product Description:

On the whole, the Reebok Fusion cross trainer looks like a smaller version of the powerful, industrial-like cross trainers that a person would expect to find in an ultra-modern gym. However, it is not nearly as expensive. This piece of fitness equipment is comparatively easy to put together-an uncommon aspect for home fitness equipment. The construction quality of this machine is very impressive with a sturdily built frame which keeps the cross trainer from excessive rocking when being used. Bear in mind, however, that this cross trainer is built for slow steady motion rather than swift motion.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions Assembled: (H)153 x (W)60 x (D)109cm

Flywheel Weight: 5kg

Product Weight: 42.4kg

Max User Weight 110kg/17.3st

Product Features:

The Reebok Fusion cross trainer has 16 user programmes with 8 motorised tension control levels, the more levels you have the more you can control your workout intensity. It has 4 user settings, 3 H.R.C., and 8 preset programmes. The type of resistance is an electronic magnetic resistance system.

Console Display has got a large single window LCD. The console displays scan, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, RPM, body fat, etc. Pulse measurement is taken via hand grip pulse sensors.

Warranty Information:

Refurbished product: 6 months parts and labour (domestic warranty only)


The Reebok Fusion cross trainer is an extremely resourceful piece of workout and conditioning equipment for anyone's home gym. With its quietness, various programs, simple assembly, and operation, it could be just the right choice for you-particularly if you are looking for a piece of refurbished fitness equipment and you are seeking a slow steady exercise routine. I think this product does an excellent job for a home gym piece of equipment. For people on a restricted spending budget, this compact, but powerful machine is well worth taking a serious look at. I wholeheartedly recommend it.