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How to Avoid Mold in Your Bathroom

For some reason, lately many people have asked me what to do to get rid of mold or at least to avoid mold. One solution would be to remove the drywall, apply bleach or a chemical on the molded area to get rid of it. Install the right backer board. After installing the backer board you can install the drywall.

1). Backer Board (Brand)

There are at least three types of backer board:

1). Wonder Board the oldest of the three boards mentioned here. Wonder Board is composed of cement aggregate which is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass mesh and can be cut by heavy scoring or by sawing it off. Judging from the length of time it has been around, I have to give it a high rating for reliability.

You can buy Wonder Board in measurements of 3-ft by 5-ft sheets. One disadvantage of this board is that it is harder to cut and heavy to handle.

2). Hardiboard. (Brand)

Hardiboard is made of a combination of sand and cement which makes this board very strong and somewhat light weight to handle. Hardiboard comes in 3-ft by 5-ft and is an excellent choice for tiles.

3). Dens-Shield. (Brand)

This waterproof board is made of gypsum and fiberglass with an acrylic coating. Dens-Shield is excellent for around showers and tubs enclosures or wet areas. There are some limitations when using Dens-Shield especially if it is used on a floor to be tiled with certain tiles.. Check the manufacture's recommendations before using this board.

To cut the board.

Measure and mark both ends. Use a straight edge to score along the lines with a carbide-tip scoring knife. Snap the board back and finish cutting from the back of the board. Spread a layer of thin set down on the floor (enough to cover one sheet at a time). and then screw down the backer board to the floor at 6-in square intervals. The narrow end of the trowel can be used to spread the thin set in tight areas. Stagger the but joints so that there is never four corners meeting with each other. Apply self sticking mesh tape on top of the joints and the lay a thin coat of thin set to cover all the joints. Let it dry and you are ready to lay the tiles.