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Don't Wait For a Problem to Find a Solution

As result we get very good at solving problems and plenty of practice finding solutions to most of the sticky situations that we create for ourselves. But think about it: if we're so good at coming up with solutions, why don't we stop creating the problems and concentrate on using that creative energy for improving our lives?

Usually we wait until we have a problem that has to be solved, before we do anything. But we don't have to wait until our lives get really bad to try and improve them. The best time to make changes is actually when things are going well and we have lots of positive energy to spare. Your life doesn't have to be at a low ebb for you to want to make it better. Even when it is going well you can look for changes that would help you to grow.


Some people seem to create problems constantly in their lives and get a buzz out of living in a crisis mode. They thrive on the excitement and challenge of finding solutions. You can still generate your own positive energy by creating a better life, even without the adrenalin of the crisis mode. Even if your life is already good, all humans need to grow and evolve. Otherwise your good life can start to seem dull and stale. Keep you own life fluid by looking for solutions and ways of improving it even when there aren't any problems provoking change.

Coaching Question

Is there room for improvement in your life?

Daily Action

Think about your life and look for things you'd like to change, even if they are not causing a problem. It doesn't have to be a big change. Just a small tweak could make your life simpler or more rewarding. Notice any differences it makes in your life.